Dorianne Lyons

Business Development Manager

BA (Journalism)

Dorianne Lyons Spectrum Analysis Australia

Dorianne Lyons BA (Journalism) (Deakin University) joined Spectrum Analysis in March 2021 as our Business Development Manager. Before starting with Spectrum Analysis, Dorianne worked for many years as an Alumni and Engagement specialist in the tertiary sector. After a successful career helping drive alumni engagement globally, where she achieved a 65% increase in engagement growth.

Dorianne is primarily involved in:

  • helping schools, colleges and universities by supporting their planning and decision making with a comprehensive study of their enterprise that is supported by facts and data
  • advising schools, colleges and universities on how to truly understand their school’s area to support their enrolment and alumni strategy

Dorianne is also up-skilling and learning more about our mapping and franchise products so that she can work with all of our clients in the future.

After hours, you can find Dorianne spending time with her two teenage children, cycling, entertaining or walking.

Connect on LinkedIn at

Contact directly doriannel [at] or +61 409 178 315