For Data and Information

Of our Clients

Spectrum Analysis

To keep everyone safe.

We collect two kinds of data and information from our clients, and here is what we do with it:

Client contact information

  • We use this information for the purposes of project management and marketing (e.g., newsletter). If an individual does not wish to be contacted by us for marketing purposes, they have the option to unsubscribe from our newsletter or indicate their desire not be contacted by us via personalised communication (e.g. email/phone).
  • We do not share client contact information with a third party without the clients’ permission.

 Client data

  • We use this information exclusively for the purposes of the project we have been commissioned to do.
  • We do not share the client data with a third party.
  • We are open to deleting the client data upon request.
  • We have policies in place for client data and IT system management. We are open to sharing these policies with clients upon request.
  • We also have detailed and brief versions of non-disclosure agreements NDA’s and data-confidentiality agreements. We are open to sharing these with clients upon request.

Specialist policies available via downloadable PDF on the links below.