Our Story

Since 1996

Geodemographic modelling and analysis.

Spectrum Analysis
Our Story

From humble beginnings to international success.

Co-founded by Peter Buckingham in 1996, Spectrum Analysis Australia Pty Ltd was born out of a growing need for more detailed market information within the Australian business community.

More than ever before, decision-makers in commerce and industry were demanding a higher standard of information and analysis with which to plan their operations.

Working in close contact with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Spectrum Analysis brought together numerous paid sources of information to develop an extensive marketing database. Sources include federal, state and local government, market research companies, universities and other reliable data collection agencies.

Despite its potential, data in its raw form is often meaningless to decision makers. Analysis and communication of information play a large role in providing the complete solution.

Spectrum Analysis assures its clients that meaningful conclusions will be reached through the use of qualified and experienced statisticians implementing the most current data analysis techniques.

From supplying and analysing market information to building complete predictive models, Spectrum Analysis has the resources to help you make more informed and profitable decisions.

We have grown from a small consulting provider of geodemographic modelling and analysis with a few select clients to a sustainable enterprise serving Australian and international clients in various sectors including:

  • large retailers
  • corporates
  • financial institutions
  • B2B enterprises
  • franchises
  • gyms and health industries
  • schools, colleges and universities
  • commercial real estate property
Our team of qualified experts use facts and data to provide world-class:
  • prediction
  • modelling
  • analysis
  • mapping
  • site selection
  • territory planning
  • marketing strategy
  • business forecasting

services for informed executive level decision-making. 

We use verifiable logic in all of our processes.

Think of it as an ‘insurance policy’ for your success.

Our solutions use reliable facts and data so you can make sound decisions based on quantitative data, not anecdotal stories.

Our team of experts have formal qualifications, extensive experience across multiple industries and professions and diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

We started in offices in Hawthorn and Hawthorn East and moved to our current premises in Surrey Hills in 2014.

We are happy to provide references and you can see some reviews here.

Being informed is one of the major competitive advantages of the 21st century.

Spectrum Analysis offers Australia’s most comprehensive market information analysis and reports in online and offline formats.