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Jells Early Learning Centre Sample Online Map

We are busy creating a fictitious Early Learning Centre called Jells Early Learning Centre with some sample data. Have a play with this online map very soon!

Jells College Sample Online Map

Jells Early Learning Centre Sample Data Report

Spectrum Analysis Jells Early Learning Centre Sample Geodemographic Analysis Report
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Spectrum Analysis Australia Jells College Sample Geodemographic Analysis Report

Early Learning Centre

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Spectrum Analysis Early Learning Centre Brochure
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Early Years Education Centres
Child Care Centre, Kindergarten, Preschool or Early Learning Centre (ELC)

Strategic Planning

Are you responsible for collecting information for strategic planning decision-making for an early years education centre?

Executive level decision-making requires reliable, quantitative data to ensure it meets governance, risk and statutory authority compliance requirements.

Whether you are the Owner, Investor or Director leading the Business, Enrolments, Marketing or Community Development area of the early years education centre, you need to understand the demographics of your current, future and past students and other factors affecting your expenses and grants funding.

Quality demographic information can affect several strategic planning decisions. You need facts and data across multiple areas.

Spectrum Analysis has been working with a variety of Early Learning, Independent, Catholic and other Non-government Schools, Colleges and Universities since 2009.

We can:

  • complete a comprehensive student demographic analysis and produce demographic mapping for various characteristics including: where pre school children live; their age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, household income, individual income; the level of pre school children penetration by area; demographics around the early years education centre; future growth predictions by age groups, mapping of other early years education centres and schools nearby; mapping public transport routes etc
  • explore multiple enrolment strategies based on pre school children locations, affordability of fees and access to various forms of transport
  • explore multiple marketing strategies for location based advertisements, canvassing aligned feeder schools and understanding your competition
  • design effective community development strategies locally or more broadly
  • verify the financial viability of large investments in education, capital improvements, new buildings, new campuses and mergers
  • extract your early years education centre’s unique Socio-Economic Status (SES) score based on your enrolled childrens’ addresses and Department of Education, Skills and Employment data and display the SES scores for your early years education centre area and where your pre school children are from
  • look at specific areas of concern related to your early years education centre or school, including curriculum development, group allocations or academic achievement (for example, you may have a high proportion of students with a non-English speaking background and need additional English as a Second Language classes)

We can provide thermatic layer maps (darker and lighter colours across variables) with overlays for bus routes and competitors.

Pre School Children Demographic Analysis and Mapping

Do you have a clear picture of where your pre school children come from to attend your early years education centre or school and do you understand their demographics?

At Spectrum Analysis, we can:

  • collect data and analyse your residential demographics so you can understand exactly who your pre school children are and where they come from
  • design target marketing strategies for specifc demographics to improve your marketing efficiency
  • identify where you can expand your enrolment base to maximise your return on marketing activity
  • define primary and secondary marketing areas and identify areas for expansion

We can:

  • map all pre school children addresses and compare this with the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Census to see the areas of high and low pre school children penetration and high and low pre school children spend
  • identify the pre school children who live in every Statistical Area Level One (SA1) – there are approximately 57,000 Statistical Area Levels across Australia
  • identify all pre school children on a map area by various demographic classifications including male or female, attending early years education centres, or schools and whether they are schooled in Government, Independent, Catholic or other Non-government schools
  • demonstrate how your early years education centre is performing in any area (at SA1, suburb or postcode level) and identify any areas or under or over representation
  • show where your primary catchment areas are and future secondary catchment areas could be
  • the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data we use provides population data for the next five, 10 or 15 years (very useful for specific analysis)
  • the ABS data also includes building permit data which helps identify population forecasts and areas of new housing development
  • help you understand the population forecasts and the socio-economics of surrounding suburbs to identify new market opportunities over the long term
  • prepare affordability assessments for an area so you can design equitable early years education centre fees
  • provide facts and data for grant applications, particularly useful in low socio-economic areas or areas with specific community challenges 

GeoMapping Plus via Somerset Education Portal

Are you from one of more than 600 Australian Independent, Catholic or other schools that has provided school financial data to the Somerset Education Survey established in 1993?

John Somerset FCA, the Founder of Somerset Education, is dedicated to the financial viability and sustainability of Non-government schools and he is a leader in this field. 

In March 2020, Spectrum Analysis and Somerset Education announced an alliance that gives schools access to GeoMapping Plus via the Somerset Education Portal Survey Login.

The Somerset Education website allows both existing Somerset Education clients and survey contributors access to free online resources and the ability to subscribe to GeoMapping Plus.

GeoMapping Plus allows you to map your current pre school children, students, future students, alumni and bus routes online at any time. More comprehensive data and analysis is available on request.

Access GeoMapping Plus via the Somerset Education Portal here.

Click here to download the Spectrum Analysis and Somerset Education GeoMapping Plus User Guide.

The video below provides a brief introduction to GeoMapping Plus.

Enrolment Marketing and Management Strategies

Are you responsible for ensuring that there is a steady stream of enrolments for your early years education centre or school both now and in the future?

If you are fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your early years education centre or school based on facts and data, you can identify effective enrolment, marketing and management strategies.

 We can:

  • assess the individual viability of different offline enrolment strategies and the best locations for each strategy
  • compare your enrolment strategy options with the options of your major competitors and where possible, not compete in the same location
  • find more potential sources of future pre school children
  • identify areas of similar demographics
  • identify safe and convenient ways for parents and carers to travel to and from your early years education centre via public transport in the local area or to and from a transport hub (bus, train or tram)
  • identify local enterprises with a high proportion of workers with pre school children who would like an early years education centre close to their workplace

Marketing and Community Relations Strategies

Are you responsible for marketing or community relations for your early years education centre or school?

Many early years education centres and schools still use a variety of traditional marketing and community relations strategies including:

  • billboard advertising
  • bus, train and tram advertising
  • transport platform and bus shelter advertising
  • building relationships with aligned local enterprises
  • radio, television and cinema advertising
  • public events and activities for local communities
  • open days and activities with other non-competing early years education centres and schools
  • shared resourcing of buildings, grounds, theatres, swimming pools and sports stadiums

We can:

  • identify the best locations for any visual representation of your early years education centre or school
  • identify the best schools or workplaces to engage with to meet your short and long term objectives
  • target your time and budget to the most promising locations
  • ensure that your marketing content reaches the decision-makers that are demographically and statistically inclined to enrol a pre school child in your early years education centre or school
  • assess your existing strategy, test a future strategy or co-design a new strategy that provides a way to increase enrolments, return on investment (ROI) and marketing efficiency

Reviews and Testimonials

Mr Zachary Hortis, Chief Operating Officer
Mr Zachary Hortis, Chief Operating OfficerKool Kidz
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‘We have been using Spectrum for years to develop demographic reports which assist us in making informed decisions around prospective new locations. Beyond the accuracy of their data and detail of their reports; they are fast, reliable and proactive. Spectrum’s guidance and assistance with due diligence has laid the foundation for many successful ELC services within our brand over a number of years.’

Security Policies

Here at Spectrum Analysis, we meet strict security protocols to ensure all of our data, paid subscription data and client data is kept in a secure and safe environment in Australia. You can learn more about our security policies here.

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