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Territory Planning & Mapping

Territory Planning, Exclusion Zones, Marketing Areas, Geographic Information System (GIS), worldwide online maps for data visualisation, target market indexing.

It's all about mapping.

Corporate Retail Franchise

Site potential, shopping centres, strips, bulky goods and homemaker outlets. Detailed demographic profiles, territory planning and strategic network planning.

It's all about location.

Schools Colleges & Universities

Strategic planning, student demographic analysis, enrolment, marketing, alumni relations, GeoMapping and newsletters for Schools, Colleges and Universities.

It's all about the long term.

Early Years Education Centres

Strategic planning, pre school children demographic analysis, enrolment, marketing, community development and workers in the local area.

It's all about the opportunity.

Data Packs

For local area marketing, franchise area sales, business and marketing demographics, postcodes, clubs, member associations, population forecasting.

It's all about the specifics.

Predictive Tools

Sales prediction modelling, neural network, retail gravity, sales cannibalisation, upgrade prioritisation reporting and site potential check chart.

It's all about the future.

Specialist Consulting

Consulting services, ABS Census analysis and projections, NZ Census and analysis, media requests and referrals to other experts in our network.

It's all about how we can help you.

Gyms, Fitness Centres, Health & Wellness Services

We use our Six Step Geodemographic Data Modelling and Analysis Process to assist gyms, fitness centres, health and wellness services.
It's all about the viability.

Our Six Step Geodemographic Data Modelling, Analysis and Reporting Process



Once we understand your requirements, expectations and enterprise, we map your current customers, existing network or competitors to discover your target customers, territories or site locations.



With secure paid data sourced from various government agencies, we define the most relevant variables from the different data sets and develop tailored algorithms for your goals and objectives.



Our team of experts build initial hypotheses and logical assumptions to sync with the data and design demonstrations that can provide new information for your enterprise plans.



Through modelling or data assessment, we bring all the variables together to enable you to compare and contrast one area to another. This helps identify data-driven solutions for informed decision-making.



We personally demonstrate our calculations so that you can understand the value of the data, the accuracy of the modelling or data assessment and the reliability of the analysis. We also make any additional adjustments if necessary.



We deliver visualisations of the data in tailored online interactive maps, written reports, thematic maps, formal presentations and more. We are here to support you and your leadership team and ensure that our geodemographic data analysis process leads real results.

Analysis and Modelling types we use in our Data Analysis Process

Reporting types we use in our Data Analysis Process