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18 August 2022

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In this edition:
1. 2022 Top 50 Small Business Leaders Award
2. Jonathan Steel’s two awards
3. Science of Site Selection

Top 50 Small Business Leaders Inside Small Business Awards Octomedia Sponsored by BusinessCom Ikea Prospa Peter Buckingham Spectrum Analysis Australia

1. 2022 Top 50 Small Business Leaders
At a special event at the Alto Event Space in Melbourne on 17 August 2022, our Co-Founder and Managing Director Peter Buckingham was awarded Top 50 Small Business Leader for 2022 in the Octomedia Inside Small Business Awards. Photos here.

Jonathan Steele Awards

2. Jonathan Steel’s Two Awards
At the RMIT University Geospatial Science Student Association Ball and Awards Night on 12 August 2022 our amazing GIS Analyst Jonathan Steel received two awards for The Most Outstanding Student in Geospatial Science (Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) presented by Richard Syme) and the 2022 Listech Award for Best Academic Results 4th Year (LISTECH, part of Hexagon). Well done Jonathan!

3. Science of Site Selection
A quick refresh https://www.businessfranchiseaustralia.com.au/expert-advice/science-site-selection

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