Case Study – Bob Jane T-Marts – Network Development Planning

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Case Study – Bob Jane T-Marts – Network Development Planning

Garry Job – National Property Manager of Bob Jane T-Marts Support Team, has used Spectrum Analysis for many years.

In one specific project, we assisted in their Network Development Planning, and were again asked to revisit this work using the latest data available.

The Project began by placing data and information around all Bob Jane T-Marts stores, and then mapping the stores and all of the competition.

A combination of sales data and demographic information identified areas of strength and weakness in each market around Australia and helped them focus on areas where they were underrepresented.

Specific areas were then identified for targeting new locations.

Garry’s team was then able to contact local real estate agents in identified areas and look for opportunities in these areas.

Garry’s feedback included, “This really assisted in helping Senior Management focus on the areas where we can gain the best leverage for our brand in opening new stores.’

Thank you Bob Jane T-Marts for choosing Spectrum Analysis for your network development planning project.

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