Mapping for Schools, Colleges and Universities FAQs

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Mapping for Schools, Colleges and Universities FAQs

Spectrum Analysis Australia provides a variety of mapping services to schools, colleges and universities and this article explains what we do and some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

The initial work we do is best summed up as:

  • map all students by their residential address, 2016, 2021, future enrolments
  • create a variable based on number of students and/or number of eligible students in all small areas (SA1). Eligible students may be students / Primary level / attending Independent and / or Catholic school. This currently comes from Census 2021 data but is updated whenever new Census data is available. We then map this data based on the basis of student market share
  • define catchments, major and minor catchment areas, and areas of under and over performance for the school
  • map all major competitors (including Independent schools, Government schools and Catholic schools)
  • map all public transport options
  • understand feeder schools and which ones students come from
  • map travel time

Typical questions we see are:

What is our market uptake according to:
i. Students of primary school age?
ii. Household income & socio-economic index for areas (SEIFA) and SES score
iii. Transport routes
iv. Ethnic category
v. Faith

What are the projections for i, ii & iv above in future years, especially in terms of potential student numbers out to around 2032? (data released Oct 2019 forecasts population by age from 2017 – 2032)

  • Are there any specific areas where your uptake is less desirable and where uptake is strongest?
  • Are there other factors we should be considering when looking at future enrolments?
  • Who are our main competitors in our area, and where would we expect to be defining their major and minor catchment areas?
  • Which primary schools and areas should we be concentrating on?
  • Are we getting good coverage of our major and minor catchment areas with a combination of public transport, and drive times?
  • Are there any issues regarding campus expansion or changes, or major infrastructure projects to be considered?
  • Are public transport routes best covering the current students based on their residential addresses?

What is the long term benefit of the work Spectrum Analysis do?

You will be able to use a variety of data sets in strategic planning for your school in areas such as investment and long term strategic decisions, marketing, future enrolments, operations and you will gain a general understanding of where the current and future students are coming from.

What if there are updates to the data sets used?

If and when there are updates to the data sets we use, we will automatically update your online mapping.

Should I wait for the most up to data census data to be released before I engage Spectrum Analysis?

The short answer is no. There really is no perfect time in terms of census data. Census data is released in stages and we would always be working with the most current data available. The census is only one of the many data sets we access during a project. When any data sets are updated we automatically update your mapping to reflect the most current information, without impacting your ability to use the online mapping tool.

How long will a typical demographic analysis and online mapping project take?

Usually 6-8 weeks from when we receive your data and our commencement fee.

How often do I need to engage Spectrum Analysis for a demographic analysis and online mapping project?

We recommend a demographic analysis report every four years and for your school to take up the three year subscription for the online mapping.

Who will have access to my online mapping?

You decide who has access by sharing the unique user name and password.

What if I think there is a breach with my mapping?

Simply call us and we will change your log on details and restore your access immediately.

Will you provide training to use the online mapping tool?

Yes absolutely and we are so confident with the user friendliness of our online mapping tool you will only need one 30 minute training session.

How will you deliver our demographic analysis report?

Your final report will be delivered as a PowerPoint presentation and you can decide how to slice and dice your report to fit the audience needs.

Will you explain the findings of the demographic analysis report?

Once the project is completed we typically arrange for a 90 minute meeting with key stake holders to share report findings and demonstrate your online mapping functionality.

What is the typical cost to engage Spectrum Analysis for a demographic analysis and online mapping project?

Once we understand what your school needs are, we can provide an initial cost range at the ‘Briefing’ stage. When we are asked to provide a ‘Proposal’ we provide an indication of actual project costs. The cost is also based on the size of the school, number of campuses and complexities associated with your schools intended outcomes.

For more information about the services available for Schools, Colleges and Universities, please visit our Education Analysis Page.