Case Study – Guzman Y Gomez – Site Selection

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Case Study – Guzman Y Gomez – Site Selection

Peter Buckingham of Spectrum Analysis and Christian Bright, Head of Construction for Guzman y Gomez™ (GYG), met by chance on a flight to Sydney.

Peter asked Christian how GYG did their site selection.

Peter was referred to Youil Adam (Leasing / Project Manager) and discussions ensued on what could be done to support this growing company.

GYG’s directors had great Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) experience and site selection was done in a well-planned way, but as the company began preparing for rapid growth they sought a data-driven approach to complement their current selection process.

Spectrum Analysis was engaged to work with GYG to develop a model for future sales predictions for new stores, and to make recommendations on where to seek new locations.

The Project began with a series of Target Market Index maps based on the most suitable demographics for the stores, and then each existing store was surveyed and a series of sales prediction models built.

This gave GYG an ability to weight the drivers of the business in different retail scenarios (malls, strips etc), and then seek the malls and strips that best matched their needs.

Ultimately, Spectrum Analysis’s work with Guzman y Gomez helped shape a robust site selection process that will support the Group’s rapid growth across Australia.

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