Case Study – Precious Cargo – Strategic Network Planning

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Case Study – Precious Cargo – Strategic Network Planning

Spectrum Analysis was commissioned by Cheryl Shigrov at Precious Cargo Education Childcare and Early Learning to undertake the project of Strategic Network Planning in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Historically they had looked for outer suburbs, growth areas with the view that these have a high percentage of children in the correct age bracket.

The project started with analysing current enrolments of existing childcare centres in Adelaide to have a fair idea of the demographics where Precious Cargo’s customers came from. We also used the Social Economic Index for Areas (SEIFA) sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for extra information including which income range Precious Cargo’s customers come from and more.

For the sake of the project, we produced enrolment penetration and children density maps for each age group. Using all of the above variables, we were able to discuss what a mature market would look like with locations prioritised by tiers.

For each proposed location, we looked for the most suitable trade area, depending on the demographic and socio-economic condition of the area. A trade area – or PMA (Preferred Market Area) defined by Spectrum Analysis is an active area to run a business or a franchise, rather than the fixed boundary of a territory where your neighboring franchise definitely cannot penetrate.

The Strategic Network Planning project would help Cheryl stay away from unnecessary doubt and reluctance to enter into new markets.

Right after we finished this project and before penetrating into new markets, Cheryl Shigrov won double prizes at the 2013 Telstra South Australian Business Woman of the Year and 2013 Telstra South Australian Business Owner Award. Congratulations Cheryl!

We wish her more and more success in the years ahead.

Watch Cheryl deliver her inspirational speeches below.

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