Case Study – Tutor Doctor – Territory Planning

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Case Study – Tutor Doctor – Territory Planning

Rogelio Martinez came to Australia and attended the National Franchise Convention on the Gold Coast as a preliminary process before introducing Tutor Doctor into Australia.

Tutor Doctor is an international company from North America, and provides one-on-one tutoring and supplementary educational support programs to students.

Tutor Doctor asked Spectrum Analysis to establish their territories using a concept we like to call Units of Demand (UoD).

Units of Demand is a formula we use to weight different data, which in Tutor Doctor’s case were demographics such as numbers of children of a certain age group and the socio economics of the area. Using an algorithm which we suggested and gained agreement on, we were able to ensure when creating territories each franchise had an equal opportunity in the market.

Maps were created based on current Australian data, and now Tutor Doctor has territories across Australia ready for franchising.

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